.Traditional Body Treatment.

Bali Coffee Body Bliss biwana signature ritual (120 min)

(This treatment is using organic coffee beans cultivated in the highlands of Kintamani ).

Our Biwana Signature is not only a great cellulite buster treatment but also improves cellular circulation, soothes irritation, enhances and prolongs suntan. This ritual was traditionally performed to polish and tone the skin while blessing the bodies of the Bali royalty. It includes an aromatherapy massage, a Bali coffee body scrub followed by a body mask and the unique experience of a body cocoon with banana leaf wrap, yogurt body cleansing completed with an exotic flower bath and traditional Jamu herbal drink.

Traditional Lulur (105 min)

(This treatment starts with a 50 minutes Balinese massage)

Created more than 300 years ago, a ritual to prepare a Javanese princess for her wedding day, the Lulur mask and scrub were formulated to smooth, polish, and leave the skin soft and fragrant. The mask is applied to the entire body and later gently rubbed away to exfoliate the skin. You are then treated to a Yogurt Splash to moisturize and restore the skin’s natural ph level, followed by a rinsing with warm water .The treatment concludes Jamu drink with a luxuriant soak in a warm bath filled with fragrant flower petals.

Traditional Boreh (105 min)

(This treatment start with a 50 minutes Balinese massage)

Balinese farmers originated the spicy Boreh body mask, to alleviate joint paint and stimulate blood circulation after working in wet rice fields. After a traditional Balinese massage, a Boreh mask of clove oil, cinnamon, pepper and chili powder is applied and your body is wraped in a blanket to retain the heat and allow the mixture to work its magic. After the paste is gently rinsed away, enjoy a relaxing soaks in a fragrant flower bath.

Note: Due to its warming nature, Boreh is not recommended for those suffering from sunburn

Chocolate Refining Treatment (105 min)

This chocolate butter treatment begins with an aromatherapy massage and is followed with a chocolate butter scrub to help cleanse your skin. Continue with a chocolate mask, a warm shower to stimulate your blood circulation .Chocolate hand &body lotion will be applied and a chocolate drink is served at the end of your treatment